CERV Program: Gender Mainstreaming

28 Mar, 2023

The main objective of the CERV Program is to protect and promote the rights and values enshrined in the European Treaties, especially in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Gender equality is a fundamental value and an objective of the Union, which is pursued within the CERV both through specific calls, such as Gender Equality or Daphne, and through the requirement of gender mainstreaming in projects.

What does gender mainstreaming mean in a project?

It involves a needs analysis, with data disaggregated by sex/gender, as well as in the planning of activities based on specific objectives that take into account these needs and the context in which they are generated. Regarding the expected impact, a sex/gender disaggregated forecast should also be available, with indicators. Finally, gender-balanced work teams should be promoted.

One of the main resources for improving gender mainstreaming in project design and implementation is the Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit of the European Institute for Gender Equality.
Every project must take into account the European Union’s Strategy for Gender Equality, which presents actions and policy objectives to make substantial progress towards a more gender-equal Europe by 2025.