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Creative Europe is the flagship program to support the cultural and creative sectors, and the only one in the European Union specifically designed for this purpose. With a total budget of 2.4 billion euros, the new program (2021 – 2027) will continue to promote European cultural and linguistic diversity. It will help artists, creators, cultural professionals and organizations to cooperate and co-create across borders, reaching new audiences, addressing current societal challenges and supporting their empowerment.


The Creative Europe Culture Office is the body in charge of disseminating the Creative Europe Culture program and advising cultural operators eligible to apply for these grants.

Housed in the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Creative Europe Office – Spain provides this service, at the request of the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission, as the only National Contact Point of the subprogram throughout the national territory.

Events of interest




The MEDIA subprogram is aimed at strengthening and supporting the European film and audiovisual industry. It seeks the development, distribution and promotion of European works, taking into account the current digital environment.

Calls for proposals


For the first time, the journalism and media sector will have different support actions under the intersectoral strand of the program, related to media literacy, pluralism and press freedom.


Focused on 1) the transnational circulation and development of European artists and works, 2) fostering the promotion of talent by enhancing these sectors.

Researchers will be asked to choose between these two approaches with the one chosen being the one they consider most relevant.


Category 1. Smaller scale projects, minimum 3 participating countries involved, the maximum grant of 200,000 € and a maximum co-financing rate of 80%.
Category 2. Medium-scale projects, at least 5 participating countries involved, a maximum grant of €1 million, and a maximum co-financing rate of 70%.
Category 3. Larger scale projects, at least 10 participating countries involved, a maximum grant of 2 million euros, and a maximum co-financing rate of 60%.

Who can participate? 

All private or public, for-profit or not-for-profit organizations that meet the following requirements:

  • The organizations leading the proposal must have been in existence for at least 2 years (same name and legal form).
  • Has the status of a legal entity. Legally registered in one of the participating countries.
  • Participating countries: EU member states and other countries that have signed membership agreements.

How do I apply?

The entire application process is done online through the Funding and Tenders Portal.  The portal contains the call for proposals and all related documentation and instructions:

Guidelines (call for proposals)
Application Form
Model Grant Agreement (Grant Agreement)
Annotaded Grant Agreement (AGA)
Work Program 2023 (document of interest to learn more about the objectives of the new Creative Europe Program 2021-2027 and its implementation during 2023).

The bases of the call for European Cooperation Projects is the same for the three categories of projects (small, medium and large). It is important to remember that each category has its own link to start the application process in the Funding and Tenders Portal.

To apply, the coordinating organization, as well as its partners, must have a PIC number (Application Process).

The total budget will be €60,076,809 and around 130 projects are expected to be funded. The deadline for applications is February 23, 2023.

Interested? For more information please consult the following link

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