The European Projects Office (OPE) reports to the Vice-rectorate for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Corporate Relations. Its objective is to promote the participation of URJC researchers in European and international projects.

We support you throughout the whole life cycle of the project

1. Explore

We help you search for new funding.

2. Plan

We offer you advice in planning and writing your application.

3. Cost

We support you in the project budget preparation.

4. Submit

We assist you with submitting your electronic application.

5. Internal Grant Management

We walk you through the next steps when your application has been successful and you have received an award letter.

6. Recruit

We provide you information on how to employ staff on your awarded project.

7. Manage

We advice you on how to manage the budget of your research project.

8. Close

We guide you through the closing of the projects, including final statements and reports.
“Back to school” events

“Back to school” events

With the summer holidays approaching, the engines of events on Horizon Europe and other European and international research and innovation programmes are starting to slow down and "stop the engines". Nevertheless, we would like to leave you here, along with our best...

Horizon Europe Participant Guidelines published

Horizon Europe Participant Guidelines published

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, CDTI and FECYT have published the Participant Guidelines with all the relevant information on the EU's Ninth Research and Innovation Framework Programme: Horizon Europe. The Guidelines include general information on the...

European Commission presents the new European Innovation Agenda

European Commission presents the new European Innovation Agenda

On Tuesday, 5 July, the European Commission adopted the New European Innovation Agenda to help the development of new European technologies to address the most pressing societal challenges, such as climate change and cyberthreats, and bring these new technologies to...

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