Horizon Europe – EU Missions

The European Commission has made publicly available the information on each of the Missions under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme with the aim of engaging citizens in the development of the Commission’s key priorities.

Cancer Mission

Overall goal:

  • Saving at least 3 million lives in Europe by 2030.
  • To extend the life expectancy of cancer patients.
  • To achieve a better quality of life – also for survivors and their family environment.
  • To consolidate mechanisms that prevent or delay the onset of the disease.

Mission Cancer believes that, in order to achieve effective interventions in the pillars of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and to improve the quality of life of people exposed to cancer, a better understanding of the disease is necessary. Therefore, a better understanding of the factors and mechanisms that cause cancer is the basis for the three pillars of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. As a cross-cutting pillar, equal/equitable access to all interventions is expected to be achieved in all EU countries.

The video of the Infoday on the Cancer Mission is available below (18-19/01/2022):


Cities Mission

Overall goal:

  • Deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030
  • Ensure that these cities act as experimentation and innovation hubs to enable all European cities to follow suit by 2050

To this end, it proposes to bring together organisations to transform cities towards a resilient and carbon neutral city model, through the deployment of pilot projects/solutions.

The video of the Infoday on the Cities Mission is available below (18-19/01/2022):


Oceans and Waters Mission


  • Restore the health of our waters, seas and oceans, more damaged than ever having suffered for decades from pollution and the harmful effects of uses that have severely degraded the state of aquatic systems.
  • Accelerate the recovery of our aquatic ecosystem by addressing issues such as pollution, unsustainable uses related to fisheries, transport or tourism, the effect of water degradation on climate change and the necessary improvement of governance.

The video of the Infoday on the Cities Mission is available below (18-19/01/2022):


Soil Deal for Europe Mission

Main goal:

  • Achieve, by 2030, that at least 75% of European soils are healthy.

In the context of this Mission, soil health is seen as the continued capacity of soils to provide ecological functions for all forms of life, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Green Deal.

The video of the Infoday on the Soil Deal Mission is available below (18-19/01/2022):


Adaptation to Climate Change Mission

Main goal:

  • Accelerate the transition to a climate-resilient and climate-ready Europe, where we live better and healthier lives.

The proposal is to act on those common goods that can have the greatest effect, such as water management, health and well-being in a climate change environment, the regeneration of social infrastructures, restoring biodiversity to recover the benefits derived from it, or promoting more sustainable food systems that also link to the recovery of rural environments.

The video of the Infoday on the Adaptation to Climate Change Mission is available below (18-19/01/2022):


Practical advice on the preparation of proposals

In the Infodays of January, 18 and 19, the European Commission laid down some advice and tips for those institutions interested in submitting proposals under the Missions’ calls: