New system for the calculation of personnel costs in Horizon Europe: Unit costs

3 Apr, 2024

Horizon Europe has implemented a new system that simplifies and reduces errors in the declaration of personnel costs for project beneficiaries. This innovative approach, known as “unit personnel costs”, establishes a single daily rate for all personnel involved in a project, agreed in advance with the beneficiary.

The change offers a number of significant advantages. It eliminates errors in daily rates, providing grantees with a clear view of their earnings per day worked from the outset. It also simplifies reporting, as it is based solely on the number of days worked, thus facilitating potential audits.

It is important to note that the adoption of this system is completely optional. Beneficiaries may choose to use unit personnel costs and, if they are not satisfied, are free to revert to actual personnel costs.

To assist stakeholders in calculating their daily rate, a Personnel Unit Cost Wizard has been developed. This wizard guides organizations through the process, requesting information on personnel costs and the number of annual work units. In addition, the organization’s country of origin is considered to take into account the applicable daily ceilings.

La Comission has organised a webinar explaining with more details the following 16th April

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