EC-CINEA New Tool: Industrial Carbon Management: Interactive Stories

19 Feb, 2024

The EU goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 relies, among other measures, on the investments in industrial carbon management technologies (ICM), which include carbon dioxide capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

To help achieve these goals, it has supported the creation of the following tool: Industrial Carbon Management: Interactive Stories.
This tool allows viewers to interactively discover how EU funding is distributed in the CCUS sector, which projects have been supported and how these projects contribute to boosting European innovation in clean technologies, implementing climate-friendly solutions and improving the environment and the lives of EU citizens.

Para ayudar a la consecución de estos objetivos, ha impulsado la creación de la siguiente herramienta:

The momentum for the support to investment in CCUS research and deployment has grown substantially in recent years. Since 2018, CINEA has built up a portfolio of 84 projects covering EUR 2.3 billion of EU contribution in a form of grants and involving 534 beneficiaries from 42 countries across the CCUS value chain. These projects are funded by three EU programmes: the  Connecting Europe Facility for Energy  (CEF Energy), the  Innovation Fund  (IF) and the  Horizon Europe  (Climate and Energy).