Mondays with CDTI

28 Feb, 2022

From today, Monday 28 February, every Monday until May 23, the Spanish Office for Science and Technology (SOS&T) will organise a series of online events to help the candidates to apply for the calls under Pilar II of Horizon Europe.

The information sessions will be organised with the collaboration of national experts and the European Commission, and will cover the different contents of the calls and applications.

The session on 28 February focused on Part A (application form) and, specially, on the contents regarding the information tables and the different costs included in the budget.

The session on 7 March analysed Section 1 of the Application Form regarding Excellence. Practical tips were presented on how to approach the presentation of the problem we intend to solve, the step beyond the state of the art, the methodology we are going to follow and the objectives we want to achieve. Concrete example to illustrate how to present this part of the proposal in an attractive, clear and efficient way were covered.

In the third session, on 14 March, the notion of Open Science was examined in depth within the framework of Horizon Europe proposals. In relation with this matter, the session also focused on the issue of data management in Horizon Europe projects. In particular, practical examples on how to present a credible Data Management Plan were explored.

The fourth session, which took place on 21 March, explored in detail the gender aspects to be taken into account in the collaborative projects of Horizon Europe. The session examined different strategies and actions on the gender dimension that can be implemented throughout the project life cycle and in its results.

The next session on 28 March will focus on one of the main novelties in the drafting of a proposal under the Horizon Europe calls: the section on “Impact”. Practical examples on how to draft the final summary (Summary Table) in Section 2 of Part B will be examined, as well as tips on how to design the dissemination and communication plans in a more efficient way.

The recordings of the sessions are available on the website of each of the webinars, accessible through this website.

For upcoming webinars, registration will open one week before the start of each one (Monday to Monday). More information through SOST CDTI’s social networks (Twitter and Linkedin) and its website.