Support to the Atlantic Alliance for Research and Innovation

5 Sep, 2023

This call seeks to support the opportunities and promotion of sustainable management of the Atlantic Ocean as a whole, through a large-scale effort that includes both the northern and southern parts of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as its interconnections with adjacent polar areas.
The proposals are expected to contribute to all of the following expected results:
  • Support the coordination of marine and maritime research and innovation activities with Atlantic Ocean stakeholders, integrating the North and South Atlantic dimension.
  • Increased visibility of activities through targeted communication actions and coordination of visual identity;
  • Forged links and coordination with other major EU and international activities, such as the European Mission Restore Our Oceans and Waters by 2030.
  • Fostered the active contribution of the Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Partnership to achieving the objectives of the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development 2021-2030, the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, the Convention on Biological Diversity and marine biodiversity of areas beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ), as well as G7 and G20 related activities.
  • Facilitated synergies in youth and gender programmes and capacity building for early career professionals.
Actions should systematically bring together and connect scientists and a wide range of public and private stakeholders, including civil society and young people, with data, knowledge, expertise, experience, capacities, infrastructures and resources.
To achieve the expected results, international cooperation is mandatory. Consortia submitting proposals on this topic are encouraged to include, in particular, participants from countries endorsing the Declaration of the Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Partnership.
The deadline is 21 September, more information on the following  link.