Report UnILiON Annual Event

13 Dec, 2023

Last 28th of November we participated in the annual event of UnILiON (Universities Informal Liaison Offices Network), coordinated by the EPO representative in Brussels, focused on “Science for Policy“.

Speakers from the European Commission were Signe Ratso (Deputy Director General DG RTD), Salla Saastamoinen (Deputy Director General JRC), Alessandro Allegra (Coordinator Science for Policy DG RTD). The event also counted with the participation of representatives from other universities, such as Paolo Lugli (Rector Free University of Bolzano) and Péter Sziklai (Vice Rector Eötvös Loránd University).

The European Commission invited the universities to collaborate with their contributions and opinions with a view to the development of the next FP10.

To this end, the main objectives were:

  • To simplify the Programme, both structurally and administratively.
  • To take care of the balance between the different stakeholders, through all the basic knowledge in research and innovation.
  • To support innovation.
  • Create synergies with other programmes (structural funds).
  • Attract actors from all over the world (UK, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand).
  • Continue cooperation with North Korea and Japan.
  • Need for more funding in innovation and research.


Some topics of interest were raised: international cooperation, economic security, research security, etc.

“We need to be as close as necessary, as open as possible”.

The need to bring universities closer to the global market was emphasised.