Promoting Spanish-UK collaborations in Horizon Europe

14 Feb, 2024

The dialogue between the Permanent representatives of Spanish and United Kingdom universities in Brussels has started.
What are the objectives?
  • To get to know the strengths of the universities
  • To help our researchers, promoting collaboration between ESP-UK universities with the aim of encouraging participation in the Horizon Europe programme.
What were the lines of action?
  • Organisation of a hybrid meeting in which the characteristics and interests of each university were presented.


Which are the UK universities?

– Aston University

– Birmingham City University

– University of Bristol

– Coventry University

– University of Kent

– University of Leeds

– Edinburgh Napier University

– University of the West of Scotland

– University of Stirling

– University of St. Andrews

– University of Dundee

– University of Strathclyde Glasgow

– University of Glasglow

– The University of Edinburgh

– University of Aberdeen

– Glasgow Caledonian University

Please contact us <>, to act as interlocutors with the respective universities, should there be interest in participating in international research projects.