New event “GreenEnergy:Connected”

27 Nov, 2023

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in Madrid is pleased to announce their co-organization of the GreenEnergy:Connected event, scheduled to take place from December 2023 to June 2024.

GreenEnergy:Connected is introduced as an online platform designed to facilitate companies and research institutions interested in the energy sector to present project ideas, find research, technological, or business partners, and establish strategic collaborations.

The GreenEnergy Community provides a conducive environment for 1:1 networking through video calls, offering an unparalleled experience of interaction and opportunities to establish meaningful connections. The event will feature informative sessions accompanied by presentations from companies and projects, followed by B2B sessions focused on three main themes:

1. Projects4GreenEnergy: Facilitating the search and offering of partnerships for R&D projects and other initiatives.

2. Technology4GreenEnergy:Providing a platform to find and offer technological innovations, technology transfer, and patents.

3. Business4GreenEnergy: Focusing on finding and offering opportunities related to distribution, supply, and manufacturing in the renewable energy sector.

The launch event is scheduled for December 5, marking the beginning of this exciting initiative. We invite all interested parties to register at GreenEnergy:Community | Agenda / Events (

For participation, it is essential to complete the registration and create an English profile that includes at least one item in the Marketplace. Additionally, participants are encouraged to designate EEN Madrid (Fundación para el conocimiento madri+d) as the corresponding Support Office, enabling them to receive the necessary assistance during the event.

Useful Links:

GreenEnergy:Community – Community (

GreenEnergy:Community | Agenda / Events (