Whats new in PurpleGain – a COST Action

29 Nov, 2023

In November 2023, the first implementation period (GP 1) of COST Action CA 21146 PurpleGain concluded. The University Rey Juan Carlos, through the European Projects Office of the Vice-Rectorate for Research, Innovation, and Transfer, manages this action as Grant Holder Manager.

This project reflects a strong commitment from the Vice-Rectorate to establish a robust and sustainable European network, enabling and promoting research in Purple Phototrophic Bacteria (PPB).

Led by Daniel Puyol, the project is set to run for four years until November 2026. Its objective is to establish a European network for sharing information and facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge between the academic and industrial sectors related to the development of applications involving PPB: a group of anaerobic photosynthetic microorganisms inhabiting aquatic and terrestrial environments, ideal for recovering resources from organic waste.

During GP1, the network expanded from 90 members to 235, spanning 41 countries across Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia, compared to the initial 26. Three on-site workshops, a training course, two Management Committee meetings, eight Working Group meetings, and nine Core Group meetings were conducted. Over 150 researchers worldwide actively participated in these activities.

The activities of GP2, which commenced in November 2023, are detailed in the project’s website. In addition to the activities of GP1, the main highlights of GP2 are the International Conference that will be held at the beginning of September 2024 in Valladolid and two “Purple Bubbles” in March and May 2024 – an activity with a new setting aiming at attracting stakeholders from the industry.

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