Implementation of the New European Research Area (2025-2027)

17 May, 2024

Anna Panagopoulou’s video, Director of the ERA and Innovation Directorate in the DG RTD of the European Commission, provides an updated overview of the novelties in the implementation of the European Research Area (ERA). Among the highlighted new initiatives is the establishment of a coalition for research evaluation, a significant step towards improving evaluation methods in the scientific realm. Additionally, recommendations are introduced to establish a European framework for research careers, aiming to promote equity and professional development within the research community.

These novelties signify a significant boost to the research and innovation agenda in Europe, especially in a context where AI and knowledge security emerge as prominent priorities. Panagopoulou emphasizes the importance of addressing these new areas of interest in the upcoming ERA Policy Agenda 2025-2027. It proposes various priority areas ranging from deepening the internal market of knowledge to transitioning towards a green and digital economy, as well as promoting equity in open research, supporting research careers, and integrating artificial intelligence into EU science and research. Priority will be given to enhancing access to excellence across the EU, alongside the creation of a new ERA for Research Management and the establishment of a foresight R&D community of practice, all aimed at driving excellence, equity, and sustainability in European research and innovation.

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