Mapping ERC frontier research Artificial Intelligence

17 May, 2024

The European Research Council (ERC)  continues to lead the advancement of frontier research in artificial intelligence (AI). With over 400 projects funded and an investment of nearly €1 billion, the ERC is supporting innovative research that is revolutionizing multiple scientific and technological disciplines. These projects range from the development of new algorithms to the application of AI in fields such as medicine, engineering, and social sciences.

The recent report “Mapping ERC Frontier Research in Artificial Intelligence” by the ERC provides a detailed view of the impact of AI on modern science. The document highlights how this technology is being used to tackle complex challenges and promote significant discoveries. Among the notable projects are those that use AI to improve disease diagnosis, optimize industrial processes, and analyze large datasets to better understand social phenomena. This report underscores the importance of ERC funding in fostering frontier research.

A significant novelty in the report is the identification of emerging trends in AI application, such as the use of machine learning techniques to model complex biological systems and the creation of ethical algorithms designed to make AI more transparent and fair. These advances not only represent scientific and technological progress but also have the potential to generate a positive impact on society. The ERC’s continued investment in these areas demonstrates its commitment to supporting innovative research that can transform our future.

The full report is available at the following link.