Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

21 Mar, 2024

The European Projects Office (OPE) has participated in the III Conference of Free Scientific Culture of the URJC where different presentations of experts on some topics and important presentations by the university community have been carried out. Specifically, the European Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) has been presented, which has as its main objective to proactively foster a dynamic and inclusive culture of excellence in research within the University.This HRS4R Strategy is carried out through the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers, which sets out the general principles and requirements that define the responsibilities and rights of researchers and institutions that fund and manage research projects, and the European Code for Researchers, which underlines the importance of open, transparent and merit-based recruitment procedures.

How can researchers benefit from this HRS4R Stratetgy?

  • It ensures that the recruitment conditions are open, transparent and based on merits.
  • It accompanies researchers in their professional training and development.
  • It strengthens the researchers’ community encouraging synergies between research lines and collaborations between researchers.
  • It provides tools for researchers so that they can perform their activities safely and under the appropriate working conditions.
  • It promotes that URJC researchers are in a competitive position at European and international level.

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