Horizon Europe Participant Guidelines published

7 Jul, 2022

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, CDTI and FECYT have published the Participant Guidelines with all the relevant information on the EU’s Ninth Research and Innovation Framework Programme: Horizon Europe.

The Guidelines include general information on the Framework Programme and on the Programme’s participation process: from the detection of the participation opportunity and the drafting and submission of a proposal, to the launch, development, follow-up and finalisation of R&I projects, including the proposal’s assessment procedure and the preparation and signature of the Grant Agreement with the European Commission.

The Guidelines have four sections:

  1. Horizon Europe: general overview of the Ninth Research and Innovation Framework Programme with explanations on its objectives, its structure, the actions that will be financed and the types of funding, the eligibility of costs and their types, as well as the conditions to be fulfilled by participants and their proposals, with a specic section for SMEs.
  2. European Partnerships and EU Missions
  3. Participation in Horizon Europe: from the idea to the proposal phase
  4. Participation in Horizon Europe: from the proposal phase to the project implementation

In addition, among the seven Annexes, information on useful links (Annex 3), a list of countries and their status in Horizon Europe (Annex 4) and a glossary of terms (Annex 5) are included.

The Participant Guidelines are available, only in Spanish, in the following link.