Fostering Spain-UK University Collaborations in Artificial Intelligence: Take Part in Our Survey!

19 Jun, 2024

As part of our initiative to foster collaborations between Spanish and UK universities, we are pleased to announce a new step in our commitment to strengthen cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence.

In our February 2024 newsletter, we first shared news on the progress of this initiative and highlighted the importance of maintaining close contact with representatives of the participating Brussels-based universities. Now, we are in the process of gathering valuable input from our research community through a survey that will help us identify areas/solicitations of common interest and possible future collaborations.

Aim of the Survey:

The survey aims to gather information and opinions from researchers at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and other participating universities, in order to enhance synergies and joint projects in the field of artificial intelligence. Your answers will be fundamental to identify opportunities for collaboration, share knowledge and resources, and establish a solid network of international cooperation.

How to participate?

We encourage all our research community members to participate in this survey. Your collaboration is essential to strengthen our research network and to further develop international projects on artificial intelligence.

Links are shared to the first news item on this initiative and to the survey to map common research interests.