IPEC 2023: Partner Search Event

17 Feb, 2023

For the 8th time, an international conference on Digitalization and Sustainability is being held with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as e.g. quality education, innovation and industrial infrastructure, responsible consumption and production. The next event will have a two-day online format on March 8-9, 2023 and will focus on::

Challenges for Europe’s future production.

IPEC 2023 aims to promote networking and knowledge exchange between Bavarian companies and international companies, start-ups and research institutions.

Participation is free of charge and will be streamed to you via GoToWebinar (08.03.) and MS Teams (09.03.) Due to the international orientation of the event, the conference language will be English.

Topics @ IPEC 2023
  • IA, Assistance Systems
  • Human-centered production technologies
  • Human-machine interface
  • Supply chain resilience
  • Sistemas de recomendación
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Energy Efficiency
  • … etc

1st day (8th March 2023)

  • Conference program with 14 speeches (ca. 15-20 min.) from different countries addressing various aspects of energy, supply chains and human-centered production.
  • Project pitch session with 6-8 presentations (ca. 5 min. and 5 slides) to present new ideas.

Matchmaking virtual – 2nd day (9th March 2023)

1 Key Notes from 09:30 AM

How can you share your knowledge and ideas at IPEC 2023?

Booking online meetings in Virtual Matchmaking and presenting your organization during our Pitch Session. Learn more about these opportunities here  and register in the following link.