The second strategic plan of Horizon Europe 2025-2027

21 Mar, 2024

The Horizon Europe 2025-2027 Strategic Plan guides funding towards research and innovation to address the most pressing global challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, digital transition and population aging.

This plan is underpinned by three strategic orientations:

  1. Ecological Transition: prioritizes research and innovation to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.
  2. Digital Transition: Boosting research and innovation to promote digital transformation in all sectors, thereby improving competitiveness and efficiency.
  3. Resilient, Competitive, Inclusive and Democratic Europe: Focuses on strengthening Europe’s resilience in the face of emerging challenges, promoting its competitiveness in the global economy, fostering social inclusion and preserving democratic values.

Key elements:

  • 3 key strategic orientations for Horizon Europe research and innovation activities in 2025-2027.
  • 32 expected impacts distributed in clusters
  • 9 new European partnerships co-programmed and co-financed.
  • EU missions and an overview of their achievements in the first years
  • New European Bauhaus Facility

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