Creative Europe: Creative Innovation call is open

29 Jul, 2021

The Creative Innovation Lab shall incentivise players from different cultural and creative sectors to design and test innovative digital solutions with a potential positive long-term impact on multiple cultural and creative sectors. The Lab shall facilitate the creation of innovative solutions (e.g. tools, models and methodologies) that can apply to the audiovisual sector and at least another creative and/or cultural sector. For the purposes of clarity, the project does not necessarily have to be applicable immediately to the audiovisual sector but one that could easily be replicated in this sector.

For the first year of the Creative Innovation Lab, the two themes that will be specifically covered are greening across the creative and cultural sectors as well as innovative education tools using creativity and creative sectors to tackle relevant societal topics such as disinformation.

In particular, projects should focus on:

  • Rights management and monetization, including transparency and fair remuneration;
  • The collection and analysis of data, with special emphasis on prediction for content creation and audience development;
  • Greening the value chain in the creative and cultural sectors, including actions that contribute to the European Bauhaus project;
  • Innovative educational tools and content that use creativity and cultural and creative sectors to address social problems such as misinformation, fake news, etc.

More information in the Funding and Tenders Portal and in the descriptive document of the Creative Innovation Lab call (CREA-CROSS-2021-INNOVLAB).

Deadline: 05 October 2021