Calls ESPON 2030

22 Feb, 2024

We share a list of open calls, upcoming launches and invitations to participate in 2024.

  • Targeted analysis of challenges at the EU’s north-eastern external borders (CHANEBO) – Deadline 25 de marzo.
  • Specific analysis on improving crisis preparedness and territorial resilience of Local Intermediate Authorities (ResiLIAnce) – deadline 28 de marzo.
  • European research project: European regions facing free trade agreements and open strategic autonomy (ESPON STARTER) – Deadline 4 de abril.
  • European Research Project: Territorial Perspectives of the Digital Transition in European Regions(ESPON DIGIREG) – Deadline 8 de abril.
  • European research project: Governance mechanisms for cross-border functional areas (ESPON CROSSGOV) – Deadline 15 de abril.

More info in the following link.