Call for proposals are now open for Connecting Europe Facility: 5G for smart communities

9 Jan, 2023

The objective of this call is to support the early deployment of 5G-based systems enabling use cases for specific socio-economic drivers. In the context of this call, the targeted SDDs are public authorities exercising public powers and public or private entities entrusted with the operation of services of general interest or services of general economic interest.

Proposals funded under the call are expected to rely on performance characteristics of the 5G technology that are indispensable to implement one or more use cases allowing the concerned public authority or SGI/SGEI provider(s) to deliver new or more efficient services.

CEF funding will support the network infrastructure elements of the project, both active (5G radio equipment) and passive (when the installation and connection of additional base stations is necessary).

If you are interested you can apply before 23 february.