Abierta la mayor consulta pública jamás realizada sobre el pasado, presente y futuro de los programas europeos de investigación e innovación 2014-2027

17 Feb, 2023

The European Commission has launched the largest ever public consultation on the past, present and future of the EU’s Horizon 2014-2027 research and innovation programs.

In line with the Commission’s effort stakeholders will be able to share their views on the performance of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, as well as shape the strategic orientations for the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027. The consultation is open for 12 weeks and questions are accessible in English, German and French. Participants can respond in all EU languages.

The public consultation allows participants to:

  • Point out the achievements and shortcomings of the previous EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020, its relevance and the procedures associated with the application process and the management of funding;
  • Express views on the design and implementation of Horizon Europe to date;
  • Identify future priorities for the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027, providing input on emerging research and innovation needs, synergies between EU programs, etc.

Overall, the consultation will contribute to the final evaluation of Horizon 2020, the interim evaluation of Horizon Europe and lay the groundwork for the preparation of the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027.


Over 12 weeks, stakeholders are encouraged to respond to open-ended, multiple-choice questions and are invited to submit position papers. Respondents can choose to answer one, two or all three parts of the questionnaire. The consultation will close on February 23, 2023.

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