Webinar “How to draft Horizon Europe proposals”

18 Nov, 2021

The Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universties (CRUE Research and Innovation Network) will organise a webinar on how to draft proposals for Horizon Europe calls. This webinar will be structured in three sessions and it aims at improving the drafting of proposals for Horizon Europe calls, analysing in detail each of the sections of the templates.

Dates: 2 December 2021, 17 December 2021 y 13 January 2022.
Schedule: 10h-12h
Modality: online
Speaker:  Blanca Rodríguez, European Projects Manager with the support of specialised consulting services (Zabala Innovation Consulting).

First session (2 December 2021, 10:00)
Moderator: Huelva University
1.- Horizon Europe: What is it and its structure
2.- Novelties in comparison to H2020
3.- How to draft the “Excellence” section of the template
4.- Q&A

Second session (17 December 2021,10:00)
Moderator: Murcia University
1.- New concepts in the “Impact” section of the template: results, key expected results (KER), expected impact, key strategic objectives (KSO), etc.
2.- Roadmap to expected results and expected impact
3.- Barriers
4.- Dissemination and communication
5.- Exploitation of results
6.- Q&A

Third session (13 January 2022,10:00)
Moderator: Cantabria University
1.- Work Packages
2.- Planning
3.- Deliverables and milestones
4.- Consortia
5.- Budget
6.- Q&A

Registration: open until 26 November in this link: