UnILiON Brokerage event on EU-Africa calls

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noviembre 23, 2022

Brokerage event on calls for collaboration with African researchers under the Horizon Europe programme clusters 5 & 6 that will take place online on Wednesday, 23 November at 09:30 CET. The event is organised by Brussels liaison offices from UniLiON, an informal network of 52 Brussels-based liaison offices that represent over 157 universities across Europe, as well as in UK and Japan.

The aim of the event is to build a platform for everyone, bring you together to share your ideas and find suitable partners for future consortia under the EU-African calls in Cluster 5-6. This online matchmaking event will be focused on the research and innovation community of excellent universities based in Europe and Africa.

Should you be interested in participating in the event, please register <here>

The deadline for registration and for the submission of pitch presentations is Thursday, 17/11.

You can either register as an attendee (you will have opportunity to listen to the pitches) or as a pitch presenter (to make a 5-minute pitch on your ideas and potential). Please be aware that only 1 pitch presentation per institution will be allowed. As there is a limited number of pitch presentations places possible, the organisers reserve a right to select the presenters. Presenters will receive more detailed information about the expected structure and content of their pitches after their registration.

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