Solutions for Future Mobility Brokerage Event

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septiembre 8, 2021 septiembre 9, 2021

This event aims to promote active knowledge sharing, technology transfer, R&D, and technology commercialization by providing international cooperation opportunities in the future car sector. It consists of brokerage event only which means there will be no related forum or workshop. Each meeting will take about 20 mins and there will be 8 meetings each day and 16 meetings in total.

Areas of technology and industry are as follows :

  • Technology : Infotainment, AI, LiDAR, VR/AR, Security, V2X, Data Analysis, etc.
  • Main Items : 3D computer vision, Deep learning vision recognition, AI HUD, V2X security, emergency call, Traffic data analysis, Self-driving personal transport vehicle, Delivery robot, Digital key, etc.

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