European Commission – Council of Europe: Youth Partnership

19 Sep, 2023

The partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth (hereafter Youth Partnership) is seeking researchers to join the renewed Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR) to support its think tank function in the European youth sector, namely: gathering and producing knowledge and translating it for an effective use in youth policy and practice.

The overall goal of the Youth Partnership is to foster synergies between the priorities and programmes of the European Commission and the Council of Europe, in the youth field. It contributes to implementing the aims of the partner institutions’ youth strategies:

Council of Europe Youth sector strategy 2030.
European Union Youth Strategy (2019-2027): engage, connect, empower

The Youth Partnership supports the related research processes through the Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR) and correspondents of European Knowledge Centre on Youth Policy (EKCYP).

The deadline is 20 October.

More info in the following link.