Webinar III: Aprendiendo de ERC-AdG2021. La experiencia de 3 ERC Grantees

14 Feb, 2023

The last webinar of the ERC Advanced Grant Call will be held on 21 February. Hints and tips for applying for an ERC-Advanced Grant 2023 will be shared through the experience of 3 principal investigators, one for each scientific domain.

The call is currently open, with a deadline of 23 May 2023, and has a budget of €597 million, which is expected to fund 246 projects. Applicants for ERC Advanced Grants – referred to as Principal Investigators (PIs) – must be active researchers with a track record of significant research achievements over the past 10 years.

The webinar schedule:

10.00-10.15h ERC-Advanced Grant 2021- General statistics.

10.15-10.35h Mar ALBA. NovoGenePop: Deciphering de novo gene birth in populations. Fundació Institut Hospital del Mar d’Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM). LS8.

10.35-10.55h Jordi SORT. REMINDS: Voltage reconfigurable magnetic invisibility: A new concept of data security based on engineered magnetoelectric materials. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). PE11

10.55-11.15h Albert ESTEVE. CORESIDENCE: Intergenerational co-residence in global perspective: Dimensions of change. Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). SH7

11.15-12.00h Q&A, dedicated to solving questions from the audience.

This last webinar will not be recorded and will be held in Spanish.

Reminder of the ERC Advanced Grant 2023 deadline: 23 May 2023. See the Advanced Grant Reviewers’ Guide.

Registrations available at the following link.

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