Launch of the EURICLEA pilot mentoring programme at URJC

14 Feb, 2022

Last Thursday, 10 February, the EURICLEA Mentoring Programme was launched by the Vicerrectorate of Innovation, Transference and Relations with Companies. It is a pilot project which aims to support those researchers who are in the early stages of their research career.

To that end, the 18 mentees will count with the support of 18 highly qualified mentors with ample experience in the academic-research environment. The EURICLEA mentors will guide and accompany the mentees in the development of their research careers in the University.

The specific objectives of the EURICLEA programme are the following:

  1. To inform on the different professional career options that researchers have.
  2. Facilitate and enable the professional development of researchers.
  3. Develop professional relations.
  4. Cultivate individual career plans.
  5. Improve leadership skills.
  6. Provide support between peers, sharing knowledge and experience.

The pilot programme will run until December 2022 when it will be assessed to analyse the degree of satisfaction of the participants in the programme, draw conclusions and best practices, and, if necessary, adapt the programme to the detected needs to enable the implementation of the programme across all the research community.

This iniciative is part of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers – HRS4R, launched by the European Commission to support universities, research institutions and those organizations financing research activities when implementing the European Charter for Researchers y del European Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

In July 2020, the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos was granted the HRS4R Award by the European Commission in representation of the University’s commitment to develop, in accordance with its internal policies, its human resources strategy, abiding with the recommendations and principles of the European Charter and Code. This Award identifies the institutions that generate and support the existence of a stimulating and attractive environment for the work of researchers. Consequently, the URJC guarantees the transparence, accesibility, equity and search for excellence in the recruitment of researchers.