The OPE attends in the event “ERC Grant Managment Event for Host Institutions”

17 Nov, 2023

Topics of interest were discussed, including new developments in the ERC programme in 2024.

Among the most important, the introduction of the Lump Sum pilot in the Advanced Grants ERC ADG call was discussed. If it is successfully implemented, it is expected to be extended to other ERC calls, as it has been the case since the beginning of the ERC Proof of Concept ERC POC.

For the track record of researchers applying to the ERC, in addition to their CV, they must include the relevant milestones of their research career, which can be of different types, publications, datasets, relevant findings and discoveries, distinctions, etc.

In each ERC Thematic Panel, a maximum of 44 researchers will pass to phase 2 of the interview in Brussels due to the configuration of the evaluation system, which means that there are panels with many proposals submitted that will have a lower success rate.

Instead of focusing on High Risk-High Gain proposals as in the past, the key now is to have Ground-Breaking, ambitious and feasible proposals.