ERC’s recent changes

4 Mar, 2024

The following changes to the ERC evaluation process are summarised.

The changes are designed to emphasise the qualitative nature of ERC evaluations, focusing primarily on the proposed research project:
– The description of the “profiles” required of PIs has been removed from the Work Programme.
– In the application form, the CV and the curriculum vitae, which were previously two separate documents, are now combined in a single template. The maximum length of the document is four pages, and it is left to the discretion of the applicant how to distribute this space in the following three sections:

The personal data section will contain only the candidate’s personal details, education and main qualifications, as well as current and previous positions held. For research achievements, the number of examples is limited to ten. The type of research results is deliberately left open. For each entry, the applicant is encouraged to explain in a short narrative how it has advanced the field, and how it demonstrates the applicant’s ability to successfully carry out the proposed project.

In the additional information section, the applicant can provide information on career breaks, diverse research careers and important life events, as well as particularly noteworthy contributions to the research community not reflected in the previous section.
Applicants will now be able to provide a more holistic and comprehensive description of their research career and contributions for consideration by the evaluation panels.

More info in the following link.